Friday, January 15, 2016

Imperforate Christmas Seals

Imperforate seals or sheets have no perforations or rouletting at all. Imperforate seals or sheets were often proofs and essays.

Proofs are trial impressions of the design, but differ in color, perforation, sheet format, paper, etc. from the issued seal. Essays are trial proofs which are different from the accepted design. (Green v1, p7)

We just finished listing full sheets and collections of Imperforate Christmas Seals in our store.

We currently have Imperforate Chritsmas Seal Sheets from 1929 to 1977. Our selection of Imperforate Christmas Seal Collections cover the years 1929 to 1987.

The proper way to collect Imperforate Christmas Seals is as required or cataloged by the Green Catalog, Part 1, U.S. National Christmas Seals, or The Christmas Seal Catalog, both published by the CS&CSS. To further assist you with collecting Imperforate Christmas Seals, we also offer them individually in the pairs, blocks, or strips, as required.

Further, be sure to check out our supplies, catalogs, or album pages. Enjoy your collection.

William J Kozersky